NORDISK DESIGN LAB: HOSTINGmade forsmall business and professionals.

All services in one:

Get hosting, web design, and graphic design all bundled into one comprehensive package!

This added value offering is designed to benefit all our customers. With our web design service conveniently pocketed alongside 7-day tech support.

You have everything you need at your fingertips.

Fast & Secure Servers:

Experience lightning-fast and secure hosting with our state-of-the-art servers. Equipped with the latest Intel/AMD enterprise processors and 256GB+ of RAM, our servers ensure ample resources for all hosted clients.

Protected by CISCO and application firewalls, we offer top-notch security and protection against common attacks, ensuring a reliable service.

cPanel - WHM:

Manage your account hassle-free with cPanel, the leading web control panel included in all our shared hosting packages (Linux-based).

Enjoy easy account management through your favorite web browser without needing any technical expertise.

Count on Us!

Nordisk Design Lab

Welcome to our specialised hosting service, catering primarily to web and graphic design professionals.

With a focus on dedication and clean design, comprehensive web design and hosting solutions tailored exclusively to meet the needs of your design projects.

Trust us to be your partner in bringing your design visions to life beside a hosting service that prioritizes your creative endeavors.

What we do?

Two Computers in studio
<== Two Computers in studio ready for to start the day

Our service caters to our web development clients by hosting their web projects on the cloud, enabling them to monitor the development process of their web design projects in real time.

Additionally, our graphic design clients can observe the progress of their work in real time through a dedicated FTP account.